2020: Politics and Professional Athletes Voices are Heard!

As we all know the 2020 presidential election is facing America in less than a day. This election might be one of the most crucial elections that Americans are faced with and where our country is headed in the next four years. Many professional athletes have shown great support on kneeling during the National Anthem and others have followed in that action, others have came to the realization and reality from their own family members that this might not be right. We have seen these movements in sports especially in the NFL and the Colin Kaepernick situation that initially sparked the kneeling. The NFL also seen a recent change in the name of the Washington Redskins to the Washington Football Team because of racial and political views. You have a strong Black Lives Matter movement taking place in the NBA and over in the WBNA you have a heavy push for social activism. These players have a voice and the public hears them and the owners are hearing them more than ever before!

Donations from owners of these teams across these different professional sport leagues is interesting as well. The owners of the WNBA for instance lean heavily towards the liberal Democratic parties with donations from these owners to the candidates that are running for election and in heavy support of the Biden push. In the NFL you see many donations from owners leaning towards the Republican parties and many donations have went to strictly Republican party candidates. Harry Edwards, a professor emeritus of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a mentor to Colin Kaepernick said, “”These athletes realize now that they can demand a seat at the table”. “When you demand a seat at the table, you’re not talking about, ‘Put a chair against the back wall.’ You’re not talking about, ‘Put an additional chair in the room.’ Somebody has got to get up! Somebody who had influence and power, who determined how these things go, has to get up.”

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